Barry Podwin
Barry PodwinHOLLAND Lodge No.1 SW 2015-2016

My Brothers.
I feel it prudent to recognize our young Masons regarding their enthusiasm, zeal, cooperation, energy and dedication to Masonry in general. I applaud their recognition to esoteric achievement. Although, (in my opinion) esoteric work in Masonry is not everything, it is an integral part of a well-organized active harmonious lodge. As we move into 2016, I have an overwhelming feeling of pride to be associated with such an energetic group of Masons that not only take suggestions to heart, but actively “reach out” and grasp the lead to make the common activities in Masonry better for all.

The dining this year has been second to none, and my attempts to appoint our Senior Steward to a five year term unfortunately will not  happen. Our (Holland) young Master Masons have a seemingly natural exuberance towards the craft that is contagious to all, and if not contagious, inspiring.
NOW, to be fair the definition (to me) of a young Mason is not chronologically linked to  the term, it merely reflects the brother’s  time   in   the   craft. We have outstanding  examples of “young Masons” in their fifty, sixties and up, pursuing Masonry as fast and furious as permits them. With Brothers such as we have, I cannot wring my hands and gnash my teeth about Masonry disappearing. Brothers, Masonry will be here long after you and I have “checked out” and knowing that, I will not cease to be active or develop the Craft to my best ability.

As soon as we have a window of opportunity we must have a work day at Holland Lodge to beautify our meeting place.
I continue to be honored and amazed to be able to associate with Masons and serve Masonry.

Sincerely and Fraternally, Barry R. Podwin
Senior Warden 2015-2016 Holland Lodge # 1