HOLLAND Lodge No.1 SW 2015-2016

I may not have the mystic powers of the great Karnack (Ed McMann, for those of you that don’t remember Johnny Carson), but I do predict a lite month at Holland lodge due to the “Road Eh O”. I myself have been mandated to attend an event with my boss. This year is literally flying by, and I again find myself behind on my Masonic projects. We must schedule a “clean-up day at Holland to put our best foot forward, and perform many catch-up duties. Brother Kantchev is doing a phenomenal job updating Holland Lodge web site, and is actively involved in finding us some cheaper power to run the lodge as well as volunteering to take on the MBA treasurer position.

We continue to perform the “very best” degrees our candidates will ever receive, as well as esoteric studies every Monday at the lodge. We also meet at my place 3003 Conway Street every Friday that I find myself in town.
All You All may be tired of hearing this, but I am extremely impressed as to the enthusiasm, dedication and activities of our younger Masons. Where do you get the energy?

Our Chaplain, Brother West has been under the weather, and I do wish you a speedy recovery, we miss you. Brother Welch says he is feeling better and continues to improve. Brother Duncan, I was thrilled to see you at our stated meeting, it was like days gone by.
Brethren, I continue to urge you to look at the people leading you and learn from their actions, inactions, mannerisms etc. I have always watched my leaders and elders as we all do, and emulate what I deem proper and productive, and avoid what I deem otherwise.
P.S. even in my “Old Age” I continue the process. Masonry is not a “seniority” organization, but a best work and best agree fraternity. None of us is guaranteed a free ride because we show up. We/I must continually strive to become a better man in all things. OK, I’ll hop off the soapbox because I sincerely believe most of you get it, and I’m proud to call you Brothers.

I love you all Sincerely and Fraternally,
Barry R. Podwin
SW 2015-2016
Holland Lodge # 1