Robert Herren
Robert HerrenHOLLAND Lodge No.1 JW 2015-2016

We have had a super busy month in January.  I encourage everyone to come out  and  see. Since our last stated meeting in early January, we have had lots of exciting things happening around the lodge.

The Wednesday after our stated meeting, we received the Grand Master of Texas for his official visit. This  was exciting in itself, as we heard the  message  and mission of the Grand Master. Thanks  to all the people in the lodge who helped and filled in where needed. Brother Jonas Traphoner one of our newest masters got a crash course on the Junior Deacon Position and did very well.

We followed up that week with a FC exam and a Master Masons Degree. There was an interesting trend that  may have been started here. The candidate decided to make dinner for the lodge. We were able to feast on some Bulgarian stuffed peppers with a plain greek yogurt topping. I was hesitant at first thinking it was an interesting mix. Being the adventurist type, I am willing to try new things. I had been working with him a lot to get him to this point and knew he would not steer  me wrong. What is the trend? Going into a Masters Degree, the candidate makes dinner….

As with most first Mondays of the month, we had our masonic  discussion  group. I recommend that everyone take an hour and visit the discussion group. It is strictly for master masons and is held to exactly one hour no more. Brother Colby Lewis does a great job running this discussion group.

The first Wednesday of February has us preforming an EA degree and introducing a new brother into the Fraternity. This brings us current. As we prepare for the stated meeting, please take a moment to review your calendars and the calendar on the website. Find an opening and come on by the lodge. We  look  forward  to seeing you there.

Fraternally, Robert Herren Junior Warden
Holland Lodge # 1